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Gender Equality – One Harsh Reality, Unacceptable By Masses

As a woman I can tell it’s not always an easy job to be a female. At every step of life you are taught how harsh and cruel the world is, and how the world is your judge in any phase of life, when you are a child you are taught to act like a lady and behave well in front of others, when you grow up to be a teenager you are constantly reminded of how you were when you were a child and sometimes it’s really disgracing, and when after all the struggle you manage to grow up and become a lady. Oh well, that’s the time when you are told to act your age and not to be childish, my question is, in the whole process of growing up, where was being yourself? What was that one point which was in favour of me? In the whole process of being what others want you to be, you start losing your inner integrity and faith in yourself, maybe that’s why you grow up to be a bit arrogant, a bit moody and sometimes swanky [that too if someone asks you to be], fair enough though as it is all something you never were, it was all you were told to be.

People will always find the bad in you no matter what the truth is, if you get harassed by a man on road, people will come pointing fingers at your that it was your fault, no one would care about your dignity as they think, a woman’s dignity lies somewhere between her outlook and the way she carries herself. A woman loses her self-esteem and dignity in the process of growing up and pretending to be a symbol of purity, family pride and a role model of millions. Who said that? Why can’t a woman live for herself and be her own judge? Why it is so hard to be fair with genders and not to discriminate between what’s for dignity and what’s for poise? Gender equality is something that has been a topic of debate for years and people, somehow, are managing to fight their own battle with their very own excuses and differences.

Ever wonder, how life would be if you were your own judge? How life would be if you were your very own guide and your very own hero? It would have been definitely a bit different and quiet satisfying too. Don’t let any struggle, any chaos or any other person’s approach dim your spark, what is your will be yours forever and no one except God has the power to sabotage your dignity.

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