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Rise, Black People

The entire Black race has been forsaken since birth, but we have no one to blame but ourselves, because we allowed it to happened. In fact, everything that has happened to Black individuals, we allowed it to happen, but we can change. We can make life better for ourselves.

One of the greatest downfalls of Black individuals is the belief in god. I just can’t understand why Black people believe in god, when the non-existent being did, nor does nothing to support or even, at the very least, accept the existence and equality of Black people. For some reason, Black Americans put god first in their lives, ahead of real people that actually exist in their lives, to include family. There is absolutely no proof of god’s existence. None the less, Black people worship this non-existent supreme being with extreme prejudice. The truth is, most Black people weren’t even given the choice to believe or not to believe in god, but were instructed throughout their entire lives to arbitrarily believe in god, to the point that it was unacceptable not to believe in god, in which brought about fear to openly question the belief in god to others. The sad part of it all, Black Americans believed in god during slavery, in which was the worst thing that could have ever happened to anyone in the world, while Black people were being slain on a daily basis. That does not make any sense to me. If I ask someone for something that they are fully capable of providing me, such as a glass of water, and they either don’t respond or simply refuse to provide me with a glass of water, then I’m not going to ask them for anything ever again in my entire life, as with most people. But, I guess, that’s not the same thing when it comes to god, begging and pleading is very necessary, I suppose. I just wish Black people had more dignity and respect for themselves than to beg and plead from a non-existent, presumed white, supreme being.

Another problem is that Black Americans don’t stick together, when times get tough, and it all started during slavery. Black people whipping their own people. Black individuals helping white people kill and torture to death other Black people. Black individuals chasing their own people when they tried to run for their freedom. Black human beings graciously serving white people during slavery. I will never forget how Brown people betrayed their own family due to what? Fear? I will never forget how Afro-American people made slavery possible. It’s funny how Black Americans are always the ones trying to make things work, despite how tragic, by not making a stand for what’s right by Black people. Doing the white thing, oops, I’m sorry. I meant to say, doing the right thing.

Black people don’t support Black businesses. It’s no secret that other people own and manufacture pretty much everything that we use to survive on a daily basis and most of everything else, from the combs we use to comb our hair to the shoes we use to cover our feet. The cars we drive, the jobs we work, the money we make, the internet we surf, entertainment, you name it. Black people own nothing. Black humans have nothing. The few Black businesses that do exist don’t even get support from their own people unless there is a super good deal involved, but when Black people go to other peoples’ stores they’ll pay whatever, without it being a super good deal.

Most Black people live “check-to-check” their whole lives, because they don’t plan on not having to work to survive someday, So essentially, Black people plan on working their entire lives. Most Black Americans end up dying while working for other people, slaves to the very end. It never ceases to amaze me how Black people prioritize wasting money over most other things. If it’s not a bad habit, such as drugs or alcohol, then it’s a stupid habit, like shoes or hats or some other unnecessary worthless item(s). Most Black people don’t invest their money, but they spend/waste their money. It’s alright to save money and not spend it on anything, or at least anything unnecessary/worthless, just because one can.

If you made it this far, then you realize that change is necessary in order for Black communities to not just survive, as we have been doing, but to strive and make a better life for their people as a whole. We must change the way we think on a daily basis about everything and we must change our standards in life. We not only allowed poverty to happen to us, but we accepted poverty as a way of life, by allowing poverty to happen to our future generations and so on. Our children should not be victims of the same mistakes we made. Every future generation should be better than the past generations in some way shape or form, not the same or by far worse. This has to be a prioritized way of life in order for us, Black people, to not only survive, but strive past the current political administration and so on.

My name is Mert Taylor. I like to write about things on my mind and subjects that you should be aware of. Visit my website at to learn more.

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