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When The Holidays Make You Feel Lonely

Christmas. It’s touted as the most wonderful time of the year, but what if it just feels like a bout of depression has hit you instead, out of nowhere?

The good news is, you’re not alone and it’s okay to reach out for help if you need it.

We’re constantly being exposed to product advertisements in the run up to the big day. Turn on the radio and you’ll notice how often products are advertised in between segments or music tracks.

Television is the worst offender. It seems like you’re surrounded by Christmas and its financial burdens while you’re trying to binge-watch box sets before they are removed from your set-top box.

Not only are you targeted by advertisements full of happy families, if you’re single, or you’ve just lost a loved one, it’s a constant reminder that you’re alone.

One of the ways to tune it out could be to listen to music from your own collection, or to go for an exercise class at your local Gym if you want to use the time to firm up your abs. Walk your dog – you could meet another person with a dog and spark up a friendship.

Perhaps you have very little money to have any kind of celebration, and its making you anxious. What can you do to make Christmas a pleasant affordable experience?

Check your Welfare Benefits entitlements. Are you claiming all your allowances? In the UK, contact your nearest Benefits Office for help in the run up to Christmas.

If you have financial debts what can you do to streamline your outlay so you can claw back a little and make ends meet? Check your local listings for debt counselors and then make the call. Have your paperwork ready so they can give you everything you need to get back on track.

One phone call that could save you an anxious time is to your Bank. If you explain your circumstances, often a Bank will reduce your repayments for a limited time; giving you room to make ends meet more easily. Just make sure not to exceed any authorised overdraft and you’ll avoid stiff financial penalties. It’s often when you don’t communicate with the Bank at all when you’re behind with repayments that the nasty red notices and financial demands keep arriving in your mailbox.

One way to cope with the pressures of Christmas when you’re feeling a little bit down or lonely can be to reach out for help.

Talk to someone you trust; someone you feel comfortable talking to about how you’re feeling. Someone who will listen to you without passing judgement on you or your situation.

Sometimes a problem shared can help to relieve the pressure, and you’ll feel better, and knowing you have someone to talk to can make Christmas time more bearable.

Ruby Binns-Cagney is a certified expert Life & Relationship Coach. More details:

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