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Why Is There So Much More Stress Than Gratitude Over The Holidays?

Today’s topic will jet us away from the normal business and leadership theme. The goal is to gain perspective in a completely different way and hopefully have some fun.

Do you ever wonder why so many people get stressed out and cranky during the holidays, particularly when they’re Christmas shopping?

I mean, after all, isn’t Christmas supposed to be about the most important and biggest gift of history (depending on your faith and beliefs)? Jesus Christ, whom many consider the greatest leader of all time, gave his life so mankind could be forgiven for our sins for eternity.

Jesus knew he would be sacrificed and willingly carried his own cross, symbolizing the burden of sin, to the place where he would take his last physical breaths. He sacrificed himself for the future success of mankind.

Christmas is supposed to be about joy, giving, sharing, love and celebration. So why all the tightly strung, angry people on the roads and in the stores?

Whenever it’s time to do your Christmas shopping (or Holiday shopping to acknowledge all the non-Christians), it’s important to make sure your mindset is ready to face the all too prevalent road-ragers honking their horns, cutting people off, and flipping people off. And this is simply on the way to the stores!

Just wait until you walk into the mall! People are hustling, bustling and in a frenzy to get their shopping done. They’re impatient, pushy, loud, obnoxious and so focused on themselves. It’s obvious they don’t care about anyone else at the time.

As you’re cruising through the masses look around and see how many smiling faces you see. Probably not very many!

What’s happened to the joy, the love, the giving and sharing that is supposed to be what Christmas and the Holidays are all about?

Why aren’t people filled with gratitude for the greatest gift of all that gives us Christmas in the first place?

Then again, why isn’t there more gratitude anyway? Simply being alive gives us each something for which to be extremely grateful. Being healthy, having a family and friends, having shelter are all things for which we should give thanks.

Yes, I know there are folks who are very unfortunate, who do not have a home and are living on the streets.

And there are people stricken with terrible diseases and illnesses or crippled from an injury or accident.

My younger brother died at age 39 from a hideous disease, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Yet he was still grateful for the life he had. I was and still am full of gratitude for having had him in my life for 39 years. He was my best friend.

Chris had vision. He knew what he wanted. He was an amazing musician. He started Hope Happens, a public charity, to raise awareness and funds for nine neurological diseases.

He left a wonderful wife and four children. I am grateful for them. Though we all miss my brother every day, we are still grateful for the impact he had on each of us, on all of us.

With a dose of awareness and a mindset adjustment, we can each be grateful for what we have, whatever it is.

We need to put a smile on our face each morning. As I like to say, “Smile, you are simply predicting the future. Plus, your energy will be more positive!”

Be appreciative. Be patient. Be aware. By going out and doing something good, something positive for someone each day in the knowing there is no way they can ever repay you, you will have a positive impact on the world.

When you’re out shopping at the last minute like I will be later today, be full of gratitude and share it with the throngs of shoppers. Smile and say “Hi” to a stranger. Tell each checkout clerk “Thank you. Have a wonderful Holiday” and see their fact light up, just like your Christmas tree!

The bottom line is most people do not realize that stress is really a choice, it’s about mindset and our conscious versus subconscious choices.

Choose to be happy, peaceful, calm and filled with gratitude this holiday and every holiday! You will not only brighten up your innermost self, you will bring more joy to everyone you interact with, including all the Christmas cranks! Now take this gratitude to each and every day! Share it with everyone. It’s a wonderful contagious disease!

I wish you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah. I wish you the best year ever, a stellar 2012 filled with prosperity, happiness and fulfillment. Remember, wealth comes in all sorts of shapes and forms, not just money.

Signing off with a smile and a loud, boisterous and truly happy “Joy to the world!”!

One of Peter’s passions is to inspire others to believe in themselves, to commit to take daily action to realize their potential and get results so they can live their dreams and then help others do the same. Commit to taking consistent ACTION, today!

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