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How Parents and Society Can Prevent Juvenile Crimes

Today, juvenile crime has increased in a tremendous rate and this has lot to do with our society. Kids are more exposed to violence and negativity which restricts from having positive mindset. The positivity of a child can only be developed when parents play an active role.

Parents’ participation in preventing delinquent behaviors

It is the parents who have most control over children’s behavior. A report shows that families who are enthusiasts in spending more time together can certainly come up with positive outcomes and can even prevent delinquency prevention. A survey conducted by Columbia University has come up with a conclusion that children having their dinner with families’ everyday are less likely to get involved into any illegal substances.

Usually, it has been observed that the parents who are not involved in the lives of their kids are bullied and finally it leads them to get involved into gangs and perform violent act. Just by actively participating into lives of their children, parents can easily keep their kids away from getting involved into violent activity.

Role of the society

It has been stated by California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation that a single focus is not sufficient when it comes to prevention programs. There are many agencies around that emphasizes on holistic and multi-disciplinary approaches.

  • A recent study has proved that youth violence can be one of the reasons behind juvenile crimes. Teens that are exposed to violence at a very young age at home or in school can surely be more eager in committing crime. So, it is the duty of every individual who is a part of society should counter youth violence and take initiative to provide a healthy environment.
  • You will find a strong connection between crimes and class differences. This difference actually makes the teen experience inferiority complex and they lack a feeling of belongings from society. As a responsible society, it is needed to be much more careful of not pushing teens towards destruction. Appreciate them from time to time and accept the uniqueness rather than pointing out the differences.

Parents’ role in prevention

  1. Give some time to your kids

Usually, it is observed that teens that get involved into criminal activities are simply because they want to seek attention of the people. So, it is the responsibility of family and parents to get involved in their life. Sit down with your kids and have a fruitful conversation so that they can feel their existence. Giving attention to their desire will definitely not make them feel unwanted.

  1. Offering proper guidance

You might find that your kids are physically developing at a faster pace, but is that enough? It is important to find out whether the kids are mentally developed. Maturity along kids can come naturally or some might be in need of proper supervision and guidance. Parents need to understand their kids and look for sign of stress and trouble. So, what you first do is to keep an eye on teen’s behavior!Is juvenile punishment really helpful?

It is usually witnessed that juvenile crimes not only destroy the childhood of the kids, but also create a distance with the family. Some children who are into juvenile crimes and have been found guilty may receive a lighter sentence. Some still lack the understanding the ramification of actions and so suffer from ADHD or any other severe mental conditions that might limit their abilities.

So, kids may be in need of proper medications to heel their conditions and improve psychological health. Therefore, it has become vital for parents to be more concerned about their kids and think on well-being. Brain injury has been witnessed which has become a serious issue and it ultimately interferes with natural development.

A research conducted in 2003 showed that the brain injuries among youngsters are quite high compared to the general population. But, brain injury is not secluded to rehabilitation programs within youth justice system. Rather, it can be a major reason behind committing any criminal activity.

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