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Kanye West Says Black People Are ‘Brainwashed’ and Democrats Are ‘Making Us Abort Our Children’

Kanye West has claimed that black people have been “brainwashed” in America and that Democrats are “making us abort our children.”

The rapper spoke out about his polarizing political views—including his support of President Donald Trump—in an interview with radio DJ Big Boy on Friday in support of his new album Jesus is King. Just last week, West said that wearing a “MAGA” hat popularized by Trump was “God’s practical joke on all liberals.”

West addressed black Americans who feel he has turned against them by taking a more conservative political stance, telling Big Boy he has turned his back on “the idea of victimization mentality” that he believes has “brainwashed” black people from individual thought.

“We always pointing at the white people but yet we wanna spend all our money on foreigns, on luxury, as opposed to going and buying some land,” West reasoned. “The culture has you focused on f***ing somebody’s b***h, and pulling up in a foreign, and rapping about things that could get you locked up and then saying you about prison reform … we brainwashed out here, bro.”

West, describing himself as a “free man talking,” then doubled down on his criticism of Democrats. “Democrats had us voting Democrats for food stamps for years, bro,” the rapper said. “Guns in the ’80s, taking the fathers out the homes, Plan B, lowering our votes, making us abort our children.”

West said he can’t “tell y’all how to feel” about the political system but expressed irritation at being expected to take a certain stance because of the color of his skin. “When I was sitting at the Met balls, when I was sitting in front of white people and they thought, ‘I wouldn’t thought you’d like Trump because of the racism’ … So, you mean to tell me I make every decision based off my color?” West said.

“The most racist thing a person could tell me is that I’m supposed to choose something based on my race.”
Kanye West: Wearing Red MAGA Hat Was ‘God’s Practical Joke on Liberals’

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In another portion of the interview, West said that his parents were part of the civil rights movement and “they were fighting for us to have the right to our opinion, not the right to vote for whoever the white liberals said black people are supposed to vote for.”

West also explained, in part, why he is supportive of Trump. “I’d rather deal with somebody who call me a N-word to my face than a person that sign me to a lifetime deal with a 255-page contract,” the rapper reasoned. “I’d rather know what I’m dealing with.”

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