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Music Review: Black Roots – How Long

‘How Long’ is the second single taken from the band’s next album ‘Take It’ that is out on 2nd November 2018. The song is a chant that asks the question ‘How Long’ do we have to wait before all that was promised will come to pass. It does not question the wisdom or the over-standing that one day mankind will be free but is asking when it will happen and expresses the hope that it will be soon.

The Chorus sets the central theme of the song with the statement that ‘if Africa no free the World can’t be free’, it is a plea to recognise that without freedom coming to Africa, the cradle of civilization, where oppression, brutality and poverty have been a scourge, how can it be possible for the whole world to be free. Just look at what is happening today.

With biblical references to ‘the flood’ that was designed to purify and Moses coming out of bondage speaking to the god of Abraham the song’s first verse ends by saying don’t listen to the doubters because ‘what was once has always been Zion in the eye of JahJah’.

Then to the present where the litany turns to criticising ‘the negative of small mindedness holding onto to the mass of the people’, it compares the whole World to Africa and the tactic of divide and conquer as a way of exercising control condemning the ‘destruction of your fellow man’ and saying that this is not the policy of Mount Zion.

The song ends raising questions and seeking answers warning against listening to false prophets who make claims that are untrue sowing the seeds of division and doubt, and finishes by stating that no man is or can be an interpreter of things between Jah and man.

It is a very powerful song full of reasonings that should be taken in the spirit that they are made and heeded by us.

With this second single release, Black Roots continues the journey that will culminate with the release of a new album on 2nd November 2018 called ‘Take It’. It is the second of 3 digital only single releases that are showcasing the album before it comes out this autumn on Vinyl, CD and Digital Download on Spotify.

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