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Your fall fashion trends guide

Vogue insinuated that little new clothing is necessary to achieve a chic fall look.

Glamorous seasonal fashions may be here today, gone tomorrow, but some of this fall’s trends promise longevity.

Marie Claire in September presented these seven:

1. Capes, especially oversized styles, in light and heavy fabrics including velvet
2. Shirts and sweaters with asymmetrical necklines
3. Leatherwear or faux leatherwear: shirts, pants, jackets, shoes
4. Classic blazers, as well as power suits
5. Faux fur jackets in bright and pastel colors
6. High-waisted and flared trousers, especially in plaid
7. Cardigans of various weights, weaves, lengths

Regarding sweaters, Harper’s Bazaar indicated in August that sweater dresses are worth an investment: “We’re talking balloon sleeves, cable knit, turtleneck and ankle-sweeping — the sweater dress options are endless.”

Also in August, Vogue insinuated that little new clothing is necessary to achieve a chic fall look. Simply marry some existing spring/summer pieces with already-in-the-closet cool-weather items. A few Vogue ideas include:

‒ A silk blouse with utility (cargo) pants or high-waisted and flared trousers and low boots
‒ A jacket, blazer or cardigan over a floral dress and finished with combat boots
‒ A short denim skirt with a light or shirt jacket over a turtleneck (long- or short-sleeved or mock)
‒ A blazer, culottes and chunky sandals
‒ A trench coat over a midi dress and boots
‒ A T-shirt, trousers and jacket (trench coat or cape) and sneakers
And Real Simple maintained recently that accessorization is key to achieving fresh fall fashions. Consider:
‒ Roomy leather bags with chain accents
‒ Faux snakeskin-look embossed sneakers and shoes
‒ Shoes and handbags with a bit of shearling and/or fuzzy fleece
‒ Loafers in leather, velvet or suede

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